Food waste is a common problem.

Food waste is a common problem and we at Utrecht City Concepts also consider this an important issue and therefore contribute a bit. In collaboration with de Clique , food residues are used as a breeding ground for new products. That way, the food scraps are reused and not wasted. Together we provide a

You too can do your bit against food waste! Below you will find 3 easy tips to prevent food waste at home!

Tip 1 Leftover meal

Before you do your weekly shopping, make sure you check what you still have in the pantry and refrigerator. Try making another meal with leftovers so you don't have to throw it away. You can often create a nutritious meal with what you have at home, so you don't buy a lot of food unnecessarily.

Tip 2 Cook just enough

Make sure you cook in batches so you never have to throw away or freeze a lot. You can always look up how much you need per person so that you can use those dimensions while cooking. Take into account how many people will eat with it and how much you will need in total.

Tip 3 Store food at the right temperature

Before you store the groceries, it is useful to check the label so that you can store the product at the correct temperature. It often differs when the product is opened, so pay attention to this too!