A Court memory

The Court Hotel has of course not been given this name for nothing. Before the Court Hotel was built, the building was used for a completely different type of overnight stay in Utrecht. In the past, the building had a very important function.

Before Court Hotel was there, it was the court in Utrecht. The former court itself also has a rich history. In 1054, on the spot where we can now find the Court Hotel, there was a Benedictine monastery where the Romanesque Paul Abbey was founded at the time. You can still see pieces of this in the building today. After this time, the monastic buildings were used as a court of justice.

The Court has done its justice in the past and now it is the job of Court Hotel to carry on the history. Court Hotel owes its beautiful appearance and uniqueness to the history of the building. In addition to the decoration of the hotel with objects from court, you can still find the old cells of the court under the building. The building still has many pieces of history.

Discover it for yourself! Book an overnight stay and enjoy Utrecht from a historic building. And don't worry, you don't have to sleep in a cell, we will have a nice hotel room ready for you.