Escape the city centre

Want to go outside and escape the busy city? Check out our favorites below!

1. Cycling

Cycling in the city is quite hectic, but have you ever cycled out of the city? Around Utrecht you will find lots of greenery and cozy villages where you can drink and relax on a terrace.
The cycling route along the Vecht towards Maarssen is a favourite. Houseboats, small villages, beautiful photo opportunities and if you feel like a refreshing dip, you can easily reach the Maarsseveense Plassen.

2. Park Lepelenburg

A wonderfully lively park on the edge of the old town. When the sun shines, young and old come together here with picnic blankets and barbecues. Fun events are also regularly organized here.

3. Wilhelmina Park

A romantic monumental city park, perfect to spend the afternoon. You can enjoy a walk, there is a playground for the children and in the middle of the park you will find a beautiful pond with fountain. Quite a very nice spot for a picnic, right? If you don't have a picnic basket with you, there are plenty of nice restaurants in and around the park.

4. Grift Park

Another nice place. There is a playground, skating rink, basketball court, petting zoo and restaurant. There is plenty of grass for your picnic blanket, especially along the pond is a nice spot. Food events also regularly take place in the Griftpark.