Hiking in Utrecht

Do you love walking and are you curious about the most beautiful places in Utrecht? Put on your walking shoes because here are a few beautiful walking routes in and around Utrecht.

Utrechtse canals (29.0 km):

If you are looking for a short walk in the area, the canals and yards walking route is the walking route for you. With this walk you will encounter the most unique places in the city of Utrecht. You pass the historic canals with the unique wharf cellars. It is a walk where you discover Utrecht completely.

Kaapse Bossen (2 hours 30, 8.5 km):

With a 28-minute drive you are at the beautiful Kaapse Bossen in Doorn. You walk along the historic lateral moraine where you then walk up the ridge past the old quarry. You are surrounded by the beautiful trees and follow the winding forest paths until you reach the watchtower where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the ridge.

Noorderpark-Ruigenhoek (1 hour 25 minutes, 8.0 km):

With a 15-minute drive you arrive just outside Utrecht at the Noorderpark-Ruigenhoek where you can enjoy a lovely walk along the group shelters of the New Dutch Waterline. Waterlines are typically Dutch, so if you really want to soak up some culture, this is a nice walk to take near Utrecht. The Noorderpark-Ruigen park is also a really green recreation park where you can fully enjoy nature!

Kromme Rijnpad (distance 29 km):

If you want to walk close by, then Kromme Rijnpad has the perfect walking route. This walking route is also seen as one of the most beautiful walking routes in Utrecht. With a short 8 minute drive you are there and you can enjoy a varied route between Utrecht and Wijk bij Duurstede. The walk starts along De Kromme Rijn where you then walk on an old towpath. During the walk you will also pass various villages and towns via hiking trails in the area. It is a walking route where you will certainly not get bored.

Discover Utrecht on foot!