Hunfeld back in the days!

Did you know that the name The Hunfeld was taken over from the previous owner of the property? The Hunfeld has an interesting history and hopes to pass this history on to the guests. The hotel owes its beautiful appearance to the rich history of the building. But what was The Hunfeld back in the days?

Before the property became The Hunfeld, it had a different owner and purpose. In 1895 the two men Grove & Hunfeld opened Utrecht's first Heeren- and children's clothing tailor shop. This tailor-made store was given the name: Warehouse “De Dom”. Warehouse “De Dom” was a very popular store in and was known as a “fine store in Men's and Young Men's clothing, ready-to-wear and tailoring”. After 75 years, they had to close the store due to the arrival of Hoog Catharijne and the range that was too outdated.

In addition to taking over the name from the previous owner, The Hunfeld has also taken along bits of history during the renovation, so the hotel is now decorated with attributes that have been left behind, such as hats, gloves, measuring tapes and paintings. This gives the Hunfeld a unique appearance and so the custom store remains part of the building.

'Every ending has a new beginning'