Plant your own tree!

Have you always wanted to contribute to a greener world? We also! That is why we have a partnership with Hotels for Trees. And by staying overnight with us, you too can ensure that more trees are planted!

Hotels for trees is a foundation that can collect money through donations for afforestation projects of Trees for all at home and abroad. Hotels for trees contributes to a greener hotel world. Through partnerships with hotels, they ensure that every time a guest skips room cleaning, a tree is planted. And we at Utrecht Boutique Hotels also share in this sustainable concept!

Hotel for Trees was born out of a point of surprise. Even though we really don't find it necessary in our own house to wipe a cloth over the windowsill every day, this is the expectation in hotels. And of course this is also what you pay for in a hotel, but does everyone need it equally? From this came the idea to use this opportunity and exchange it for something that can help the world. In this way Hotel for Trees has formed a concept with a win-win-win!

If you want to do even more for our planet in addition to planting a tree instead of cleaning the room, there is also the option to book a Go Green Package in addition to your booking. Then you will be spoiled with a nice sustainable goodie bag and we will make sure that in addition to the two trees that are already planted, we also plant an extra one!

Join us and plant your own tree in collaboration with Hotel for TreesĀ and us!