Your key to Utrecht

involved entrepreneurship,

.. is in all the things we do. Our locations are unique, are located in the heart of Utrecht and all have their own story. We want to tell these stories and Utrecht is full of stories! That is why we consciously choose our partners, locations and products, so that we can do business in a committed way; sustainable and socially responsible!

Choose consciously.

Unfortunately, doing business also means polluting. We therefore choose consciously. Long-term collaborations with partners for concept development, green suppliers of our products and extra attention to our environment and beyond.

We travel green via public transport, (e)bikes and EV and we also encourage this for our employees. This also applies to our partners and work together with another such entrepreneur; CityHub. They ensure that our linen and laundry is transported green through 'our city'!

An eye for each other enhances the quality of our end product.

Green partners.

Our goal is to make our footprint 'green' together with our green partners. We can already start with the renovation of our buildings and we pay extra attention to insulation, energy-saving installations and green power supplies.

In addition to green electricity that flows through our power lines, we also save energy with LED, sensors and energy-saving installations. Our locations are certified 'Green Key', an international quality mark for sustainable companies in the hotel and recreation industry. This shows that we are committed to minimizing the impact on nature and the environment.

Waste does not always have to be 'waste', the entrepreneurs of 'De Clique'  show that! Coffee grounds, orange peels and food scraps that we produce are used as a breeding ground for new products by local entrepreneurs. And so, we again sell the bitterballen with oyster mushrooms that are grown on the coffee grounds.

Produced with love.

Utrecht is full of such socially responsible entrepreneurs that we like to work with for delicious and honest food. 'De Koekfabriek' for the tasty biscuits with coffee, and yes, coffee from 'Tribes'. Even more delicious during breakfast with absurdly delicious chocolate from 'Mesjokke' and vegan granola from 'Tlant'.

Are you on the toilet with us? Let's make the world less shitty! You wipe 100% tree friendly and sustainable with toilet paper from 'The Good Roll' and wash your hands with the eco-friendly spa treatment from 'Anyah'.

How can we really make our footprint as green as possible? Right, planting with trees! Our guests are committed to a greener world if you skip cleaning, it's so easy to plant a tree with 'Hotels for trees'. We go one step further: if you book a 'Green package', we will double the number of trees!